The Awfulisers

Today’s contribution to poetry month is Michael Leunig’s The Awfulisers  from  Poems 1972 – 2002,  published by Viking.

     The Awfulisers


Every night and every day

The awfulisers work away,

Awfulising public places,

Favourite things and little graces;

Awfulising lovely treasures,

Common joys and simple pleasures;

Awfulising far and near

The parts of life we held so dear:

Democratic clean and awful,lawful,

Awful, awful, awful awful.


      – Michael Leunig –

One Response to The Awfulisers

  1. Soraya says:

    Hello, just a note that you have a typo in the second last line if leunig’s poem. It’s:
    “Democratic, clean and lawful”



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