Slow, slow, speed up slow

Is there a name for people who drive just slowly enough below to hold other drivers up but not so slowly anyone can pass easily until they get to passing lanes when they speed up to, or even beyond, 100kph, and then slow down again once the passing lanes end?

10 Responses to Slow, slow, speed up slow

  1. Deborah says:



  2. pdm says:

    I had one of those late Friday travelling between Hastings and Waipawa. We did 70 to 80 ks when we had traffic coming towards us and around a few curves. Quickly up to 100ks once the road was clear.

    I did not have to contend with the passing lane thing as there are only two heading south between Hastings and Waipawa and I had managed to sneak past before we reached the first one on the Te Aute Hill about 25ks south of Hastings.


  3. Too Right says:

    wayne kerrs


  4. Inventory2 says:

    I have lots of names for these types of drivers Ele; however most of them would not sit well with your Presbyterian upbtingning (or mine, for that matter!), so I’ll keep them to myself 🙂


  5. Inventory2 says:

    whoops – make that “upbringing”


  6. Pique Oil says:



  7. Lambcut says:

    The Labour Party


  8. PaulL says:

    Passing lanes? We call them speeding lanes in our house. Cause when you get on one, that’s when you speed. A driver previously driving at 90kms will suddenly feel all safe, and speed up to 110kms.

    Obvious answer is to buy a faster car, and then just pass them anyway.


  9. macdoctor01 says:

    They are Traffic Constipators.

    They bung everything up for kilometers, then they run like hell…

    Sorry, Ele, but you did ask.


  10. Rob Hosking says:

    MacDoctor: Perfect description.

    (remind me to blog, sometime, about the occasion I over-dosed on Immodium….)


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