I write in the Laundromat

Today’s contribution to poetry month is dedicated to all the people who squeeze their writing, or other artistic endeavours, round the other things that have to be done.

I write in the Laundromat  by Marcy Sheiner, comes from How to Become a Famour Writer Before You’re Dead by Ariel Gore, published by Three Rivers Press, 2007 .

I write in the Laundromat


I write in the Laundromat.

I am a woman

and between wash & dry cycles

I write.


I write while the beans soak

and with children’s voices in my ear

I spell out words for scrabble

while I am writing.


I write as I drive to the office

where I type a man’s letters

and when he goes to lunch

I write.


When the kids go out the door

on Saturday I write

and while the frozen dinners thaw

I write.


I write on the toilet

and in the bathtub

and when I appear to be talking

I am often writing.


I write in the Laundromat

while the kids soak

with scrabble ears

and beans in the office

and frozen toilets

and in the car

between wash and dry.


And your words

and my words

and her words

and their words

and I am a woman

and I write in the Laundromat.


      – Marcy Sheiner –


8 Responses to I write in the Laundromat

  1. bobux says:

    I don’t mean to be churlish, but does she really believe that all men who wish to write have unlimited leisure in which to practice their craft? An interesting viewpoint, especially coming from someone who appears (from a brief Google search) to be a professional author and editor.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Bobux – I can’t speak for her, but I was careful to say people not women in my intro because I think many men and women have to fit writing, and other creative endeavours (and other things eg sport, research, inventing . . .)around work and other commitments.

    However, she’s writing of her own experience which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s saying that squeezing writing into a busy day is peculiar to women.


  3. bobux says:

    Yes, I noted the thoughtful wording of your introduction.

    The poem, though, has a streak of ‘look at poor old me’ that I find decidedly unappealing coming from a professional writer.

    Or it could just be that I am unusually grumpy being up at 2.56am soothing toddlers, while my spouse is at a conference in New York!


  4. homepaddock says:

    Bobux – being up soothing toddlers excuses a lot.

    The poem – or anything else – you read is not necessarily the one the writer wrote, we each bring our own experiences and interpretations to what we read.

    It’s possible this was written before she was a professional writer or that even though she’s a professional writer she’s got other commitments & expectations to meet – as have we all regardless of what we do and whether we do it professionally or not.


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  6. Elisabeth Hanscombe says:

    Great poem.

    I write (in my head) at the washing line, and by the time I get inside the words are gone. How many words are lost over domesticities.
    Maybe it’s better to write in the shower. Many others do that, men and women alike. I solve problems in the shower. Is it the warmth, the rhythm of the water splashing on tiles or those few precious moments alone?


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  8. bldherenow says:

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