Slow, slow, speed up slow


Is there a name for people who drive just slowly enough below to hold other drivers up but not so slowly anyone can pass easily until they get to passing lanes when they speed up to, or even beyond, 100kph, and then slow down again once the passing lanes end?

They panicked


Does the average voter understand or care about party lists?

I suspect not.

So why isn’t Phil Twyford seeking the candidacy for Mount Albert?

It’s not because David Farrar explained on Kiwiblog that if he did Judith Tizard would go back into parliament as a list member, although as Poneke points out he did that very well.

It is because the Labour leadership paniced  panicked and as Matt McCarten says:

What is disheartening is that Labour’s action wasn’t from a place of principled strategy but the result of hysteria generated by their political opponents.

Because of that, what should have been a clean succession of the obvious successor to Helen Clark has turned into a contest for the candidacy from which their can only be one winner and that immediately creates the possiblity for problems amongst the losers and their followers.

It has allowed people to contemplate the thought that what ought to be a safe Labour seat might be marginal. It has prompted the Greens to stand a strong candidate who will split the vote; and that in turn has led to speculation that National could make this a close race and even, with a strong tail wind and the planets in the right place, win the seat.

National can’t lose from this. There is a slight possibility they could win the seat and there will be no shame at all for the party or its candidate if s/he doesn’t.

The Greens will get the publicity they desperately need.

And Labour has already lost, even if they do hold the seat, because they panicked and Phil Goff failed his first real test of leadership.

I write in the Laundromat


Today’s contribution to poetry month is dedicated to all the people who squeeze their writing, or other artistic endeavours, round the other things that have to be done.

I write in the Laundromat  by Marcy Sheiner, comes from How to Become a Famour Writer Before You’re Dead by Ariel Gore, published by Three Rivers Press, 2007 .

I write in the Laundromat


I write in the Laundromat.

I am a woman

and between wash & dry cycles

I write.


I write while the beans soak

and with children’s voices in my ear

I spell out words for scrabble

while I am writing.


I write as I drive to the office

where I type a man’s letters

and when he goes to lunch

I write.


When the kids go out the door

on Saturday I write

and while the frozen dinners thaw

I write.


I write on the toilet

and in the bathtub

and when I appear to be talking

I am often writing.


I write in the Laundromat

while the kids soak

with scrabble ears

and beans in the office

and frozen toilets

and in the car

between wash and dry.


And your words

and my words

and her words

and their words

and I am a woman

and I write in the Laundromat.


      – Marcy Sheiner –


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