They also served

On Anzac Day we remember with gratitude the people, mostly men, who served in the armed services overseas. But those who stayed behind also served, working selflessly for the war effort.

This was particularly so for the women who were left to run farms, often with young children and little if any adult help. Then, when the war ws over, there were the adjustments to be made because when the men came home, they’d changed and so had their wives.

One of those men who returned to find his wife were both different people and that his children didn’t know him at all recalls:

They called us the heroes, but it was the women who stayed behind who were the heroes.

My wife took over the farm and ran it while looking after the chidlren and managed it all by herself.

She’d been doing it all for all those years then I came home, thinking I knew it all and took over.

These days, one of us would have walked out, but then you got on and made the best of it.

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