Women to challenege for Rural Bachelor of Year

The Rural Bachelor of the Year Competition has been one of the staples of entertainment at the Fieldays for several years.

If memory serves me right one of the motivations for starting it was concern over the growing difficulty men were having in finding women who were willing to follow them to the country, as it was for the Middlemarch Singles Ball.

That might explain why until now it’s been a competition for blokes only, but Julie at The Hand Mirror has alerted me to the news that this year women are being invited to compete for the title.

For the first time ever, eight single women from the rural sector will be invited to challenge the blokes; in a duel of gender wit and farming skill during the Friday bachelor heats on 12 June.

I wondered if this was striking a blow for equality but I gather from the Fieldays website  that the men will be competing over four days and the women won’t enter the fray until the final afternoon.

Does that mean that it doesn’t take women as long to show their prowess, or that rather than letting women show they’re equal to the challenge this might in fact be an unequal competition?

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