Storm in a lolly jar

My support  for the Canadian woman who was offended by marshmellow Eskimos puts me in the minority.

Keeping Stock launched a Save the Eskimos  campaign and Whale Oil wants to keep eating Eskimos and  has set up a Facebook Group.

Cadbury/Pascal which makes the sweets and Tip Top which makes Eskimo pies are standing firm too.

But Cadbury Australia and New Zealand communications manager Daniel Ellis said Cadbury/Pascall did not intend to rename or remove the product.

“Pascall Eskimos are an iconic New Zealand lolly and have been enjoyed by millions of New Zealanders since they first hit shop shelves way back in 1955,” he said.

“They continue to be incredibly popular today. Last year, we produced almost 19 million individual Eskimos, making it one of our most sought after Pascall products.

“It has never been our intention to offend any member of the public, and whilst we are disappointed to learn that this traditional New Zealand product has caused any concern, this is only the second time in the product’s 54-year history that we have received such a complaint. . .

“We have no intention to rename, reshape or remove the product, and trust that consumers will continue to enjoy Pascall Eskimos.”

That’s given me something to chew on, but I’m not going to swallow the argument that a name change would alter the taste.

3 Responses to Storm in a lolly jar

  1. artandmylife says:

    Would a “nigger” chocolate bar be acceptable – NO.

    Happy blogging anniversary too


  2. LaFemme says:

    Nope, can’t say the E or N word any longer. The only people who can now be vilified with self-righteous impunity are whites, Christians, and Jews — and re those folks, it’s open slather.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Quite so La Femme, but that’s another debate – today we are rejoicing in Cadbury/Pascall’s decision not to back down over this.

    Save the Eskimo!!


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