“Ladies” should dress for men

Russian designer Alexander Terekhov says women should dress to impress men.

The Russian designer – who recently showcased his label Terexov at New York Fashion Week – insists ladies look best when they shun comfortable clothes in favour of figure-hugging dresses and heels.

He said: “I like that in following the trends Russian women dress more for men than for themselves. They like to look feminine – to dress up in heels and dresses. I think every woman should own a classic cocktail dress, a clutch bag and a lot of shoes – that is true wherever you are.”

What do comfort and practicality matter, as long as the blokes are happy?

5 Responses to “Ladies” should dress for men

  1. Cactus Kate says:

    I’ve broached this issue before with the Russians. Conclusion was that yes NZ women should dress like ladies to impress men, when men start behaving like traditional men and pay for everything.


  2. homepaddock says:

    CK – Fascinating post but I move in different circles. Being happily married might make a difference but even when I was single I put comfort and convenience first, regardless of who was paying.

  3. As a mere male, I thought women dressed up to annoy other women. More fool me.

  4. Kismet says:

    Oh hell – *turns the wardrobe inside out and can’t find a cocktail dress* failed again.

  5. You can’t blame him for trying 🙂

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