Dear Andrew Williams #2

Dear Andrew Willliams,

You’ve emailed me again and given I wasn’t impressed with your first two missives I was going to ignore these two, too.

But I was at a National Party regional meeting in Dunedin on Friday and one of the electorate chairs mentioned that she’d got a couple of emails from you and wasn’t impressed either.

She was even less impressed after her polite response requesting you stop sending her unsolicited emails was met by a return message saying something like great to hear from you, we’ve had so much repsonse we’ll deal with yours when we have time.

We’ve worked out you must have got our addresses from the National Party website.

It’s public so any of us whose addresses are there might expect the odd unsolicited email. But our contact details are there because we’re volunteer office holders who members and supporters might wish to contact, not as an invitation for lobby groups to bombarb us with unwanted propaganda.

If you’re going to send us spam the least you can do is include an unsubscribe option so our requests to be removed from your mailing list aren’t met with another unwanted message.

Yours sincerely


4 Responses to Dear Andrew Williams #2

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    Last time I looked, spam of this nature is now illegal. Why don’t you report him to the police, Ele?

    Should give the MSM something to do when they run out of Veitch…


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    I was thinking along the same lines as the good Doctor!


  3. homepaddock says:

    Macd & Colin – I think you’re both right about spam being illegal, but the police have more important things to worry about.


  4. Pique Oil says:

    Spam is dealt with by Internal Affairs

    I think you are far more effective by blogging about it.
    He is doing his best to make as many people as possible dislike him. You should help him achieve his goal


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