IQ test skewed towards men?

IQ Test – IQ Test

 Kiwiblog is smarter than I am.

Quote Unquote  is brighter too.

I bet it’s the number sequence that I got wrong.

If two men score better than one woman do I have sufficient evidence to accuse the test of  gender bias? 🙂

UPDATE: Oswald Bastable  beat me too.

I haven’t noticed any women confessing to their scores – but maybe they’re too smart to waste their time on the test.

UPDATE 2 : Kismet Farm scored better than me too.

4 Responses to IQ test skewed towards men?

  1. pdm says:

    pdm (male) 139 which indicates the test is skewed in some way as previous test have been in the 110 to 115 margin.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Modesty precludes me from publishing my score 😉


  3. wino says:

    Well I can’t beat DPF but I beat the rest. It was a very numbers skewed test though.


  4. The visio-spatial(sp) part favors males.

    Nothing wrong with 134, in any case!


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