Taking the scenic route

Giving and following directions has always been an inexact science, and it’s particularly difficult in the country.

One shelter belt looks very much like another to most people and the paddock on the corner you remember so well when it sported sunflowers in bloom on your last trip looks quite different planted in wheat on your next.

Those problems ought to have been solved by technological advances, but Laughy Kate’s cousin discovered that it doesn’t pay to take Google Maps as gospel.

She wanted to find the best route to cycle to her parents-inlaws’ house but:

Google Maps managed to turn her 40 kilometre trip into a route that covered 52, 795 kilometres, a few oceans, three different countries and would have had her arriving at her parent’s in-laws sometime around the middle of August!


The story made the Daily Telegraph  which contacted Google and was told the engineers might have been having a laugh when they put the service together.

Hat Tip: Quote Unquote

One Response to Taking the scenic route

  1. MK says:

    52000 kilometers, boy that’s a funny one.


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