PureNZ have your say gets rave reviews

Tourism New Zealand’s mobile caravan is touring the country, recording video postcards which are posted on YouTube   and the PureNZ have your say  campaign has exceeded expectations.

 Over 950 video postcards have been recorded in the mobile studio, posted on YouTube and emailed out to visitors’ friends and families back home. The video ‘raves’ have been viewed a total of more than 75,000 times.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive George Hickton says the reach of the initiative has gone beyond initial estimates.

It’s the 21st century update on the postcard proud parents used to share with family and friends back home,  videos on the web where they can be seen by the world.

The campaign was originally aimed at attracting tourists from Britain but so far they’ve  recorded visitors from 37 countries, including Argentina:

It’s certainly generating interest, although the true measure of success will be how much of that interest translates into extra visitors.

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