Korean blogger faces 18 month sentence

A South Korean blogger who has been critical of government ecnomic policy is facing an 18 month gaol sentence.

Prosecutors demanded an 18-month sentence Monday for a popular South Korean blogger who is accused of spreading false financial information in a case that has ignited a debate about freedom of speech in cyberspace.

Bloggers don’t have sub editors to save us from ourselves so we have only ourselves to blame if we defame someone or spread false information.

However, call me cynical if you will,  but I suspect a government acting against a blogger in this way might have more to do with censorship than any concern for the facts.

2 Responses to Korean blogger faces 18 month sentence

  1. Paul Walker says:

    Actually I think bloggers do have sub editors, other bloggers. They will point out your mistakes a lot more quickly than a sub editors.

  2. your blog has been plagiarised and reproduced at http://thoughtsaboutnotes.blogspot.com/2009/04/korean-blogger-faces-18-month-sentence.html

    this person also stole a post off my blog – i’m just reporting him at http://help.blogger.com/bin/request.py?contact_type=blogger_dmca_infringment#infringement
    which is the place for reporting all google blogs (blogspot blogs)

    Report it – get his blog taken down

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