Dear Andrew Williams

Dear Andrew Williams

I was surprised that you, the Mayor of North Shore City,  emailed me a media release headlined Local Government Minsister Rodney Hide has misled the PM and Aucklanders and followed that with another email entitled Required Reading to understand how bad the government’s decisons on Auckland’s governance are  with a copy of Rod Orman’s column in yesterday’s Sunday Star Times headlined : Welcome to ‘grater’ Auckland.

But I presume you got my address from this blog and that means you want me to post on your emails.

I have given only cursory attention to announcements and views on the super-city proposal for Auckland.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s an important issue. Much as we mainlanders like to joke about what goes on north of the Bombay Hills, most of us do understand that Auckland is important and having more than a quarter of the population and their economy handicapped by a poorly functioning local body structure isn’t good for the city or the rest of the  country.

But it does mean, just as you probably don’t have the time or energy to concern yourself with tenure review, irrigation and other such matters of importance to rural New Zealand, I’ve been leaving the issue to people more interested and better informed than I am.

However, since you’ve taken the trouble to email me, might I say how amused I was to read this:

“I am also concerned to be advised that John Banks has been a long-time silent supporter of the ACT Party and has attended ACT Party meetings, sometimes as a guest speaker. This unholy alliance between Banks and Hide needs to be the subject of a great deal of scrutiny. Something smells here. I also understand ACT supporters received inside information on the Government’s decision on Auckland prior to the announcement on Tuesday. This raises questions as to whether this National Government is being hi-jacked by these extreme right wingers”.

If you waste 10% of a media release on this, it doesn’t say much about the strength of your case.

Yours sincerely,


8 Responses to Dear Andrew Williams

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Now you know why he is The Lunatic From Lake Rd. (North Shore City’s headquarters are on Lake Rd`Takapuna.


  2. pdm says:

    Now I see why Whale Oil has been taking the time to get rid of this man.

    He appears to be pathologically stupid.


  3. Robert says:

    He is allowed to express his opinion. Something Helen wouldn’t let you do.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Robert, of course he’s allowed to express his opinion. It’s what he said not that he said it I was responding to.


  5. Robin Hoodie says:

    Babbling , warped, pathetic, and the sad scenario of a person that actually knows that power has left, but actually wont accept the fact.

    The best thing he can do is hang up his boots. Time for Home. he is not wanted or required.

    So long Mr Irrelevant person!!


  6. Andy says:

    That’s almost too much to believe… like pdm, I now understand why Whaleoil is focusing on taking Williams down.


  7. Pete says:

    This is incredibly frustrating for those of us who live in the region. Auckland will never be an ‘international city’ as long as decisions which are important for the total region are hamstrung by regional divisions.
    Look at the total fiasco of the Rugby World Cup. Look at the sad status of Auckland area roading.
    Currently there is not one top rate mayor in the area (Banks might be a possible exception if his ego can be kept under control). Williams is an embarrassment to the people of the North Shore. His behaviour is amateurish and unprofessional. Bob Harvey is little better but he seems to have mellowed in recent years, and Len Brown has a health problem. Rodney District under performs so badly that no comment is necessary. Finally Mike Lee is a throw back to the old style of politician. His performance over the RWC venue was not good.
    What these mayors (and Mike Lee) fail to grasp is that these ‘political’ divides are no longer relevant to modern Aucklanders. Most of us are fed up with the lot of them. Many live in one city and work in another. To top it all off the ARC is an irrelevant bureaucracy sitting on top of the other structures. Ratepayers frequently get caught in conflict between the two layers of local government.
    The sooner they are all gone the better. Lets hope the reforms also take this sorry lot of politicians with them.
    So push on Rodney Hide, but please be very careful, get it right and at the first signs something is not working get stuck in and sort out the issues and the people. The TV1 Close Up program just illustrates what a sorry lot these people are. Don’t let the wider region be derailed by the agendas of these few people. Or there implied threats (Bob Harvey) that we speak for a million people on this issue. Sorry Bob, you don’t speak for me and I suspect you don’t speak for most of your ratepayes. I am ready to take a chance on something better so bring it on!


  8. […] emailed me again and given I wasn’t impressed with your first two missives I was going to ignore these two, […]


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