In case you were wondering . . .

. . . I did stick to my pledge  to resist hot cross buns and Easter eggs until Easter.

In fact, I was a day late with the buns, not eating one until yesterday.

As for the eggs, I’ve bought a few to share with friends who are coming for lunch but I”ll be looking at them very carefully after reading about the woman who found creepy crawlies  when she bit into an Easter egg.

Cadbury’s, which made the offending confection, says it’s taking the infestation very seriously and my experience is that they do.

A few years ago my daughter found what she thought was plastic in an Easter agg and sent it back to Cadburys. They replied immediately with a letter thanking her and a week or two later with the results of their tests which determined it wasn’t plastic but sugar and other normal ingredients which hadn’t dissolved properly.

That’s how any question of contamination should be treated, but as Macdoctor points out here  and here  not every company takes it as seriously.

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