Please tell me it isn’t so – updated & updated again

Trans Tasman is reporting that Michael Cullen will be appointed to chair NZ Post and KiwiBank when Jim Bolger retires.

A loyal National Party member has just phoned to tell me he and others who spent nine years working to get Cullen’s hands off the reins are furious about this and I share their views.

There must be someone better equipped for these roles than the man who overtaxed and over spent for nine long years, leaving our economy far less able to weather the recession than it would have been had his policies been directed at growth rather than redistribution.

SOEs have been underperforming and need highly skilled leadership and that requires someone with a far greater regard for other people’s money than Cullen.

When the idea of Cullen chairing an SOE was  first mooted, blue tinted bloggers were united in their opposition. If the first to react are any indication they haven’t changed their minds: 

Fairfacts Media asks what is John Key playing at?

Kiwiblog says it’s a crappy move

UPDATE: SOE Minister Simon Power has announced:

“Hon Dr Michael Cullen has been appointed to the board of New Zealand Post, and is expected to become deputy chair in the medium term. 


Fairfacts Media thinks Cullen deputising Bolger is too good to be true

At No Minsiter Psycho Milt  is amused but Lou Taylor isn’t.

Keeping Stock thinks John Key is up to something


Roarprawn reckons it’s a poisoned chalice.

Cactus Kate was forced to seek solace in oysters and Moet

Barnsley Bill’s vote has been lost  and Not PC wonders why  he gave it to National anyway.

Whaleoil is disgusted then has second thoughts  and thinks John Key has snookered Labour.


The red rag was thrown and the blue blogs roared, but what if we’re wrong and it’s really a cunning plot?

Fairfacts Media doesn’t think the job’s as good as it looks.

Anti Dismal  has a better idea – sell the SOEs.


at NZ Conservative Zen Tiger spots a pirate plot  and muses on the relevance of history

Macdcotor advises Cullen not to trip on the way out.

At Tumeke!  Tim Selwyn thinks it’s unbelievable.

7 Responses to Please tell me it isn’t so – updated & updated again

  1. Apparantly Cullen is to be Bolger’s Bitch!
    He is to serve as Number 2 to the Great Helmsman.
    As I have blogged over at fairfacts Media and No Minister, there is some fun in the fiscal fool being Bolger’s deputy.
    I can only wish Bolger does not step down, allowing Cullen to take over.
    It seems the National Party leadership have played a great tactical game of expectaions, so we see a Number 2 role as not being so bad, almost funny like I have.


  2. Paul Walker says:

    For me, just more evidence we need to privatize NZ Post!


  3. Tired Farmer says:

    Other comments on various sites give interesting views othis development.
    What ever the strategys of Key & Co, many of us will just feel shafted —again1.


  4. […] Party, he belives this explosion was engineered in a shabby back room somewhere in Parliament. Safe in her rural fastness  in Otago another blogger waits for the phone to ring, hoping against hope that this event is all a ghastly mistake and that […]


  5. macdoctor says:

    This effectively neutralizes the threat of Cullen being part of treaty negotiations. He could have done real damage to the growing relationship between National and Maori. The small cost of the eventual destruction of NZPost is irrelevant. All very Machiavellian. I like it.


  6. Pique Oil says:

    I think it is a master stroke.NZ Post is unionised and going backwards at speed. Worldwide mail is going the way of hard copy newsmedia.
    What better way to keep the assistant occupied. It can come up with all sorts of stupid ideas about re inventing NZ Post and it will have to tell the unions that it is closing them down.
    An absolute stunner.


  7. […] Tasman newsletter – tipping Cullen to chair NZ Post and KiwiBank when Jim Bolger retires – Ele at Homepaddock was clearly upset. A loyal National Party member has just phoned to tell me he and others who […]


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