Confession of a hard-nosed churl

If asked to describe myself, hardnosed-churl wouldn’t immediately spring to mind.

But after reading last week’s Listener I’ll have to add it to my list of defects because Jane Clifton says:

It’s a testimony to Clark’s standing that even this close to her election defeat, all but the hardest-nosed churls are immensely proud of her.

So here I am, not just a hard-nosed churl but one of the hardest because I’m not proud of her.

Remaining unmoved by Helen Clark’s apointment ot the UN is not just because of political bias. I don’t recall feeling proud of Mike Moore when he became leader of the WTO (though I did appreciate his efforts to free up trade) or of Don McKinnon when he became secretary general of the Commonwealth either.

Nor is it that I don’t do vicarious pride, I have been known to bask in others’ glory.

But, while I wish her well in her new position and hope she makes a positive difference with the UN’s development programme, I am too coloured by my view of her failings to feel proud of her.

I’m not denying her poltical skills nor her accomplishments, I accept that she genuinely wanted to make New Zealand better and I could overlook the fact that in many important ways she didn’t. But I can’t set aside her inability to admit her mistakes and accept she was wrong.

There were several instances of this but there are two that stand out:

  * Signing a painting which wasn’t her own work when she was a busy Prmie Minister might have been understood if not condoned, but signing the half dozen or so of other people’s art works over 20 years to which she finally and grudgingly admitted is bazarre.

* deliberately spending taxpayers’ money on Labour’s pledge card then changing the law to validate it and then introducing the dog’s breakfast that was the EFA to enable her to do it again is corrupt.

Kiwiblog finds more in his reaction  to the Sunday Star Times  interview with her.

Inquiring Mind is sure she’s no iron lady

Keeping Stock says Diddums so does Lou Taylor at No Minister

Fairfacts Media diagnoses narcissism.

There are other views.

The Hand Mirror says congratulations

and John Key gave a gracious speech 

But I’ll leave the last words – and picture – to Garrick Tremain:


5 Responses to Confession of a hard-nosed churl

  1. Tired Farmer says:

    Having had our noses rubbed in the proverbial for the last nine years I am proud to stand alongside you as a hard nosed churl.


  2. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    And I will stand in solidarity with both of you.
    IN my opinion not having cross party support and/or a referendum before dispensing with appeals to the Privy Council was another issue where Helen Clark was out of line


  3. J.R.M. says:

    Helen Clark showed aremarkable lack of moral rectitude, along with The number of rabid feminists in the pro-left now opposition aided and abbetted by a leftist media,the E.F.A was really the final straw thatfinished Labour off.We are sure glad she has gone. J.R.M.


  4. Clifton’s attitude is condescending: “if you’re not proud of Helen you’re a hard-nosed churl”.

    If “all but the hardest-nosed churls are immensely proud of [Herr Helen]” then I am way beyond hard-nosed churl status. Why would I feel proud of a pestilential predator who has just gained access to more prey?


  5. […] respect for Helen Clark and her appointment to head the UNDP. Well Adam has respect for Ms Clark, but no liking or pride, a view shared by Homepaddock. Why should Adam be proud of Clark. He will reserve further opinion on the UNDP once it is seen […]


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