There’s none so blind . . .

Goodness me, does she realise what she’s saying?

If we don’t learn from the lessons of history we’re doomed to repeat them.  

These are the words of the former Prime Minister, the one who spent nine years showing she’d failed to learn from the failed polices of the early eighties and the years before then by increasing the dead weight of the state and turning middle and upper income earners into beneficiaries.

But Helen Clark thinks Labour could be doing a better job now which clearly shows she still hasn’t learned anything from recent history.

Yesterday’s Q&A  gave further insight into her blindness. Paul Holmes asked her if she’d do anything differently and she replied:

 I wouldn’t even go there because I never look back, that’s part of my style, I know journalists often got fed up with me saying move on move on, but I do. You know in politics there’s always an opposition employed to pick over the things you’ve done and why this why that why not the other way, well let them do it but I’m moving on to the next thing.

Living in the past isn’t healthy, but if you don’t look back how can you learn from history?

8 Responses to There’s none so blind . . .

  1. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    I notice there were no comments or questions about the electoral finance act.


  2. homepaddock says:

    FBB – Nor on the pledge card.


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Helen Clark exemplifies Talleyrand’s quote:-
    ‘They have learned nothing, they have forgotten nothing’

    She remembered slights and past events, she constantly carped about National’s past, but she chose to learn nothing.

    As a former lecturer in political science her statement was extraordinary. It was further evidence of her arrogance if any were needed.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Adam – a pertinent quote which illustrates a case of selective memory that enables her to recall others’ misdeeds (real or imagined) but not her own.


  5. significanthazard says:

    “Living in the past isn’t healthy…” Depends what one means by this statement.What if past deeds involve allegations of financial mismanagement in a district council? Surely these allegations should be thoroughly investigated. As well as the unsavoury practices of the previous government


  6. homepaddock says:

    SH – there’s a big difference between living in the past and learning from it.


  7. […] article and looking at the Q&A transcript which has been commented on by several, Homepaddock, DPF, WhaleOil, amongst others it is clear that as Adam commented at Homepaddock – SuperHelen, the […]


  8. J.R.M. says:

    Helen Clark at least maintained her arrogant attidude to the end. Clark and Labour had the support of the mostly left leaning Media as well as the so called rabid femminist faction where the state must control every thing. Most TV political Commentaters are pro Left ,Hoskins Armstrong Trotter , Aspinal Cambell and TV3 political Reporters. Holmes frontperson on Q&A in the presence of H.C was obsequeous & fawning well past his useby date J.R.M


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