Kiwi unless it suits to use the Aussies

Those Kiwibank ads, putting down the Australian banks, push all the nationalistic buttons.

They obviously aren’t concerned that the ones which use the Fred Dagg voice are doing it without John Clarke’s permission.

But if their point of difference is nationalism they’ve set themselves up for a fall when their actions don’t match their words.

The ODT broke the story that Kiwibank uses an Australian call centre to handle its Kiwisaver customers.

Kiwiblog called it hilarious hypocricy and Fairfacts Media also uses two h words – humbug and hypocricy.

ODT areaders aren’t amused but they do agree it’s two faced. An on-line poll which asked if the bank should use an Australian call centre, unscientific though it might be, was decisive:

Yes, if it makes economic sense got  6% (13 votes);  7% (15 votes) went to don’t care and  87% (180 votes) went to No, not in light of its ad campaign.
A total of 208 votes probably isn’t statistically significant. But it does indicate the bank will have a credibility problem if it’s only Kiwi until it suits it to cross the Tasman for services.

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