While watching the interview between Finance Minister Bill English and Guyon Espiner  on Q&A I began to think about how things might have been had we had a conservative rather than a spend-thrift in charge of the nation’s finaces in the last nine years.

Imagine how it would be if we hadn’t had nine years of over taxation and over spending, if middle and upper income families hadn’t been turned into beneficiaries, if students hadn’t been encouraged to borrow more than they needed by interest-free loans, if there hadn’t been an idealogical antipathy to selling state assets,  if profligate spending by the government hadn’t poured fuel on the fire of inflation, if state sector costs had been constrained, if public money had been spent on front line services which helped not bureacracy which didn’t  . . .

It wouldn’t have made a difference to the global financial crisis but it would have left New Zealand with a sounder economic base and in a stronger position to weather it and recover faster.

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