The running of the sheep

It’s not quite like Spain’s running of the bulls but today’s running of the sheep in Te Kuiti did have a casualty.

The first woolly breach came just a few hundred metres from the starting line. That was quickly contained, but the mob’s next probe was not. 

What started as a trickle rapidly became a flood, and with the barrier down Te Kuiti’s Sheep Run began to look very much like its Spanish counterpart.

A woman was bowled over by the marauding mob, her injuries no laughing matter. She was knocked over, losing consciousness.

The running of the sheep is an annual event to coincide with the national sheep shearing championships.

You can watch the sheep run here , with a cameo appearance by John Key as Prime Minister turned musterer, and extended coverage of the shearing and sheep run here.

3 Responses to The running of the sheep

  1. pdm says:

    My wife, who shows little interest in politics other than at election time, passed the comment that it was good to see a Prime Minister in old(ish) clothes prepared to get his hands dirty.

    It must have been a good day all round as my son in law who manages a farm near Benneydale went to the shearing prizegiving and didn’t arrive home until after the clocks changed at 2am. He should have changed the clocks before he went out – he would have been an hour earlier.


  2. Michael St John says:

    It was said only 400 sheep made it to the finish line. The others all got picked up by eligible Kiwi bachelors.


  3. soec2b says:

    This is an excellent idea. I must ask Mr. Sander to promote such an event here in Australia. Would do a lot of good for the younger lambs who are getting a bit too fat these days.

    Best regards,
    Ramona, Head Sheep


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