Fish oil cuts the gas

If this had been published a couple of days later I’d have put it down to April Fools Day but I think its genuine.

Scientists have found that fish oil reduces burps  in cows.

Researchers from University College Dublin found however, by adding two per cent of fish oil to the animal’s feed the amount of methane is reduced by around a fifth.

The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils can also help the heart and circulatory system and improve meat quality.

Speaking at the Society for General Microbiology meeting in Harrogate, Dr Lorraine Lillis, one of the researchers, said the study could help the agriculture industry cut emissions.

She said: “The fish oil affects the methane-producing bacteria in the rumen part of the cow’s gut, leading to reduced emissions.

Adding fish oil to feed for cattle in feedlots probably isn’t difficult, it may take a bit of ingenuity to get it into cattle which graze pasture as they do in New Zealand. It would also have to be done reasonably cheaply because added costs will be resisted by farmers and consumers.

Hat Tip: Fairfacts Media by email

4 Responses to Fish oil cuts the gas

  1. Dan says:

    Since omega 3 is so good for our health – I think it would be better used for our health then a cows gas situation. Trust me we can get used to the gas – just ask my wife (for some reason she is never in the same room as me). Fish Oil
    can really help increase your omega 3 levels. Learn the best type of fish oil. Find out what is the best way to increase your omega 3.


  2. Farmer Baby Boomer says: claim their beef has has 107% more omega 3 content than other beef. They say this is more than three times the amount present in fish promoted as high in Omega 3. Cambrian Meats is owned by Ewan Campbell. THe beef is raised on his Waihi Farm which uses the Probitas System, This is an organic type soil treatment system which Ewan developed.
    His beef has high Omega 3 so does this mean;-
    1. His pastures have higher levels of Omega 3s?
    2. His beef animals burp less?
    One thing I do know – eating beef raised using his system is a very pleasent way of taking Omega 3s.


  3. homepaddock says:

    FBB – we’d need scientists to answer your questions.


  4. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    hehe – You are quite right HP… and I have talked about science before and part of me would like to pursue this further, but, the brain is abit sluggish through lack of sleep so I better get to bed and make the most of the extra hour.


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