The Falklands vs Las Malvinas

The British call them The Falklands, the Argentineans know then as Las Malvinas  and it’s 27 years ago today that Argentina invaded those bleak islands in the South Atlantic.

I was working in London at the time and watched the jingoistic response from several quarters, including much of the media ,with a mixture of fascination and horror.

At first there was almost a sense of celebration, some people even started organising sing alongs to revive the hits of World War II.

The mood was more sombre once the dead and wounded started returning and friends in Argentina have told me of the sadness there as they watched young lives lost and many soldiers maimed by dreadful injuries.

I don’t pretend to understand the history and politics. But a friend who shore on the Falklands for several years says the people he met were definite about wanting to be British and feelings still run high in Argentina as this sign, which we spotted outside a military base shows:


7 Responses to The Falklands vs Las Malvinas

  1. alfaprima says:

    This is the anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, with the purpose of territorial recovery.

    This is an anniversary which demands a bit of reflexion. As the present ruckus over the meaning of the event organized by the Argentine president in London shows: is it a celebration? a commemoration? a memorial?, we still grapple with the meanings of each piece of this historic event.

    I remember the discussion between “recovery of the Malvinas” and “Falklands invasion” making obvious that both sides have different geographical names, (Malvinas/Falklands) (Stanley/Puerto Argentino); different meanings (“invasion” or “recovery”); different appreciations of each other (the Falkland Islanders as self-determining individuals or as kelpers, the colonial subjects of the UK?)

    Still this semantic and power battle rages on…How do we commemorate today this anniversary depends on our identity, past memories, geography of birth and so on….

    I would like to offer now the Falkland Islanders a gift that we all already have: the power to decide by themselves who they want to be, how they want to be called, the names to give their own geography where they were born and live, the power to decide who they want to be in the long term future.

    It is a human right: I want it for myself (nobody can force me to use the names that others might think I should use, as long as the other is not the slave owner with a lot of power over me and I am a free citizen and not an inmate in a concentration camp, then I will be “prisoner Number XXXXX”); I want it for my children, and for everyone in this world.

    As long as circumstances beyond our control do not force us to accept other’s definitions of us, we want to be self-determining.

    This is what war does, deprives us the right to be who we want to be.

    Let’s celebrate this peaceful time when we can be free to explore each other’s characteristics and accept that each one of us has the right to be different and decide by himself or herself who she wants to be…

    Only in this acceptance of our mutual differences can real peace between Falkland Islanders and Argentines flourish.

    Nora F.


  2. David Glazier says:

    Nora – aplaudo sus sentimientos. Es un gran lástima que sus compatriotas no sepan seguir su ejemplo.

    Saludos muy respetuosos.



  3. David Glazier says:

    Nora – aplaudo sus sentimientos. Es una gran lástima que sus compatriotas no sepan seguir su ejemplo.

    Saludos muy respetuosos.



  4. Brit guy says:

    Hola, habitantes de las islas debe decidir el destino de su propio país!

    No nos corresponde a nosotros decidir y esepcialy que patético idiota Sean Penn, que realmente debe importar su propio negocio!


  5. Brit guy says:

    Hi, Falkland Islanders should decide the fate of their own country!

    It is not for us to decide and esepcialy that pathetic idiot Sean Penn who really should mind his own business!


  6. homepaddock says:

    Brit Guy – I agree but I think the politicians are thinking more about oil and pride than people.


  7. Richard says:

    You are right Ele, its all about oil. Lost a colleague in the war H Jones who was honored with a Victoria Cross. I know you have an appreciation for South America and or more particularly the people.
    So do I.
    But under the surface in South and Central America there is corrupt and venal political system. Have worked in the area


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