Jamie Oliveoil’s recipe for EU Ag Fudge

Jamie Oliveoil  is having a boil up to campaign against Britain’s membership of the European Union.

I’ll leave that issue aside because this video is also a compelling argument against subsidies and for ensuring politicians and bureaucrats don’t interfere with the relationship between producers and consumers.

Agricultural Fudge, Subsidy Stew, Tariff Tortellini . . . however you cook them up they cause economic indigestion.

They cost taxpayers and consumers, they threaten food supplies, lead to gluts and shortages and they distort markets.

The people they hurt the most are the poor who can’t afford to pay more for their food and face unfair competition when they sell their produce.

Hat Tip: Fairfacts Media Show & Taxpayers’ Alliance

One Response to Jamie Oliveoil’s recipe for EU Ag Fudge

  1. Thanks Homepaddock.
    I thought you would like this with its farming impact.
    I actually had a real boil up with some maori friends the other day.
    Not very nice.
    I’d much rather have a hangi.

    But yes, the EUSSR has cost british holdholders dearly in the pocket.
    When I first came to new Zealand I couldn’t believe how cheap food was compared to Britain, though we have caught up a bit since.


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