Spot the irony and omissions

I thought I’d finished with earth hour until I read this:

It starts with:

New Zealand’s power consumption dropped by 3.5 percent last night, as a record number of candle-wielding kiwis flicked the switch for Earth Hour.

But fails to draw the link between candles and carbon.

Continues with:

Most major New Zealand cities backed the event, with free concerts and entertainment helping to pull in the crowds.

Without questioning the fuel used to get people to these concerts and the power used in the sound systems.

Then concludes with:

And while Transpower says the warmer weather could have contributed to the drop-off in power usage, there is no doubt that that Earth Hour had an effect.

But it fails to ask if there was any change in power usage either side of earth hour which might indicate people used more electricity before and after it as Andrew Landeryou   (Hat Tip: Not PC) showed:

Don’t they teach journalists to ask questions any more?

2 Responses to Spot the irony and omissions

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Earth hour is nonsense, especially as we use so much hydro.

    In fact I suspect our carbon footprint went up not down

  2. “Don’t they teach journalists to ask questions any more?”

    I can’t speak for the teachers. But most newspapers simply don’t have the resources to allow for this kind of questioning or proper in-depth reporting of any kind, especially where it departs from ‘conventional thinking’.

    Read Flat Earth News by Nick Davis.

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