Dirty water

Agriculture Minister David Carter was right when he said, in reference to dairying & clean streams:

The small number of dairy farmers who ignore effluent disposal requirements are damaging the reputation of the dairy industry as a whole.

It is simply unacceptable to pollute. Not only does it antagonise environmental organisations but also wider New Zealand. More importantly, it risks the hard-gained reputation that New Zealand Inc. has established in our international markets.

There is no excuse for wanton pollution of waterways but this isn’t just a country issue.

Earlier this month sewage was visible off the coast of Dunedin and Dave Haywood at Public Address discovered the people of Christchurch might be flushing their loos into the Avon and Heathcote rivers.

Well, frankly, this sucks. And it sucks that I even have to point out how much it sucks. Surely it’s absolutely obvious that you shouldn’t dump raw sewage into a river — any river — let alone a river that runs through a major city. Even if it’s only when the wastewater network becomes ‘overloaded’ (which, incidentally, the council expects will be around twice a year).

While dairy farmers are – quite rightly – being fined if they allow  cattle or effluent , near water ways, whole cities are discharging untreated sewage into rivers and the sea.

That’s what I call a very inconvenient truth.

Hat Tip: Alf Grumble

2 Responses to Dirty water

  1. Significanthazard says:

    This was the headline in The Ensign 18 Mar 2009

    Apparently the Gore District Council was flushing out the Mataura water supply dam to remove the build up of silt. My understanding is that the Council did not even have consent to do this. The person (whose property this was on) contacted ES when he saw the amount of slurry coming down the little stream. ES immediately put an abatement notice on the Council.

    Ratepayers end up paying needlessly for sloppy management practices from the very people who should know better. Will the Chief Executive be held accountable?



  2. Tired Farmer says:

    Will the flushing of the above Chief Executive be carried out in public or as so often happens with councils these days it will be resolved in committee.


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