The earth moved

There was a rumble and some swaying sometime before dawn and I wasn’t quite sure if I was dreaming.

But the ODT informs me that the earth did move this morning:

Large parts of the South Island were shaken by a 4.9 magnitude earthquake early this morning.

The quake, which hit at 5.46am, was centred 10km west of Twizel at a depth of 15km.

When we’ve been travelling in other countries or hosting overseas visitors here, earthquakes often come up in conversation. I suspect this is because reports of earthquakes are over represented in the few news reports which mention New Zealand in international media.

But just as people in Australia accept snakes as a fact of life, and notwithstanding expert advice that one day we’ll experience a biggie, the occassional reminder that we live in the shakey isles like this morning’s tremor, is accepted as an act of nature and leaves most of us unmoved.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pique Oil who pointed to Geonet which shows the seismorgraph recordings of the quake.

One Response to The earth moved

  1. Pique Oil says:

    And you have had several aftershocks as well.
    GNS has a great website with seismic drum recordings available.
    The Wanaka one shows the aftershocks best.
    Your one even registers as a tiny blip on the Waipu Coves drum.


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