Edison Hour vs Earth Hour

While some people are returning to the dark ages and increasing their carbon emissions by celebrating Earth Hour they’re facing supposedly enlightened competition from Edison Hour.

And me? I’m not deliberately using more or less electricity than usual, but we went out for dinner (Speights Ale House in Wanaka, Morrocan lamb salad, delicious; took the waitress’s advice that the Sheep Shagger pinot noir was for tourists and enjoyed a Mt Difficulty  Roaring Meg instead) and as we were paying the bill at 8.28 the lights dimmed.

We had walked there and walked home, as we usually do, noting that it was pretty dark, but then Wanaka always has the bare minimum of street lights. That’s because most residents prefer it that way because less light pollution lets them appreciate more stars in the sky.

I think that means we observed earth hour by accident and by doing so we burned neither candles nor bonfires, used no batteries and no petrol, so we probably did more for the planet than a lot of people who deliberately turned their lights off but created more carbon with alternative sources of heat and light.

P.S. Thanks to Madeleine who left a comment on the previous post which pointed me to Keith Ng at Public Address who sees the flaws in both earth hour and Edison hour:

I was inspired to write the first part of this after hearing of people who turned off all the lights during Earth Hour, then lit up their fireplaces and burned candles instead. From sixth form chemistry: Burning organic material (like wax and wood) produces CO2. Tell your friends. . .

. . . Going out of your way to waste energy is the antithesis of technological progress and human enterprise, so don’t you dare claim to be on the side of rationality and science.

Lucyna Maria at NZ Conservative  is also neither sacrificing anything to the green god nor joining Edison hour.

And Frenemy has a photo of the dark.

4 Responses to Edison Hour vs Earth Hour

  1. Mr Dennis says:

    Yes, there really is no rational reason to turn on all your lightbulbs just for fun. But it can look really cool!


  2. Madeleine says:

    I agree. I was not prepared to turn on all appliances or anything, I am not into wasting electricity but lightbulbs don’t use that much and it was only an hour.

    Have you seen Glenn from Beretta Blog’s point in his anti earth hour post about the Green outcry when people wanted a black out for the all blacks? Apparantly a black out was a bad idea for the power grid, spikes when it came back on, and all those candles would increase carbon emissions…

    (You can find The Beretta Blog linked from MandM.)


  3. Pique Oil says:

    My picture of the world is from a compilation of Nasa shots.
    I posted it at earth hour as my protest over the hypocricy of burning carbon fuels/candles/sacrificial offerings all in the name of trendiness and the herd mentality.
    Saturday night I am too lazy to turn lights etc on or off so we did what we normally do.


  4. Dan from AK says:

    Well, Jesus did tell his followers to be the light of the earth in the time of darkness!


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