Sheep’s milk ice cream not baad

Blue River Dairy has launched New Zealand’s first sheep’s milk ice cream:

Milk Maid’s Vanilla, the first in a range of flavours, is made from 100% Pure New Zealand Sheep’s Milk sourced from Blue River’s own farms on the lush green pastures of Southland. With an ingredient list of just sheep milk, sheep cream, emulsifier, vegetable gums and natural vanilla flavour, this is some of the purest ice cream you will find around. Not only does it taste delicious, but it is also nutritious.

Blue River is vertically integrated.

This means that we own our farms, milk our own sheep, transport the milk to the factory, process the milk into cheese, ice cream and powder, and market the products accordingly.

The ODT reports :

Blue River Dairy spokes-woman Kathryn MacDonnell said Milk Maid’s vanilla ice cream was whiter and sweeter than traditional ice cream and was able to be eaten by those intolerant to cow’s milk.

“Trust me, it is delicious,” she said.

Sheep’s milk products can usually be eaten by people who are allergic to dairy products and lactose-intolerant so given how many sheep we have and how developed the sheep meat industry is, it’s surprising that sheep’s milk production is still in its infancy. 

Most sheep’s milk cheese I’m aware of  comes from boutique producers like Blue River and Whitestone  whose Island Stream pecorino, Mt Dasher and Stoney Hill sheep’s milk fetas are delicious.

Though, parochial as I am, I’ll admit that I have yet to find a sheep’s milk cheese which beats the queso romao , cheese cured in rosemary from the manchega sheep, which we developed a taste for when we lived in Spain.

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