Could Mt Albert go blue?

Labour leader Phil Goff said last night the party was ready to fight a by-election in Mount Albert when Helen Clark resigns.

They may have had a head start because no doubt Helen Clark told them she’d been successful in her quest for a UN appointment before it became public, but National will be ready too.

A by-election gives voters the freedom to send messages they might be more cautious about in a general election and while Clark had a solid majority – 10,351 last year  a lot of her 20, 157 votes  would be personal. The party vote was only 14894 for Labour against 12,468 for National.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on a change of colour for the electorate in the by-election. But I might wager an old ewe if Labour puts up a list candidate whose win would bring in a new list MP who lost her seat . Kiwiblog  mentioned Judith Tizard who’d come into that category, a scenario about which Keeping Stock is less than enthusiastic.

4 Responses to Could Mt Albert go blue?

  1. The old ewe is off to New York, while she still has some teeth.

  2. JC says:

    I thought Labour were against live sheep exports.


  3. Neil says:

    National winning Mt Albert ???????
    I equate that to Labour winning Clutha-Southland.
    People talked about National winning Mangere after Colin Moyle resigned in 1976. What a laugh !
    I hope Homepaddock doesn’t have similar rushes of blood if she moves further in political party hierachies.
    Perhaps National might win Dunedin South !
    Or pigs might fly !

  4. pdm says:

    Yesterday I heard on Radio that Tizard might seek the nomination for the seat and raised the question of a possible National win if that was the case at both Keeping Stock and Kiwiblog without any great response when I last looked.

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