He would say that wouldn’t he

Andrew Little denied any conflict of interest between his roles as Labour Party president and General Secretary of the EPMU when he was interviewed on Q & A  this morning.

Well he would wouldn’t he?

If I was a member of Labour Party I’d probably be quite happy to have the voluntary wing led by someone who’d bring the money and mebership of a large union with him.

But if I was in the EPMU I would have concerns about how much of his time Little was devoting to his union duties and that there might be times that the best interests of the union might be different from those of the party.

Little was interviewed by Paul Holmes. The other feature interview on Q&A  was Guyon Espiner with John Key.

I hadn’t realise that the programme was on this morning so have jsut watched the interviews on line, but Kiwiblog,  thought it was pretty good overall while the Home Office  misses Agenda and Frogblog said it was visually and aurally obnoxious.

3 Responses to He would say that wouldn’t he

  1. barnsleybill says:

    Labour are broke, as such they cannot pay for a full time president unless somebody else will. Until November WE paid for the Labour president. Now we have severed their access to the public purse they will have to continue with a union boss as president.
    Finding somebody to replace Little as party president will be critical when King quits, the timing of her leaving parliament will be Dependant upon Labour finding somebody to replace Little.


  2. dutchie down south says:

    I though it was not too bad, the producers did try to take the boredom out of a political program and they gave it a good shot…room for improvement but overall a 7/10


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    I assume Frogblog was referring to the presence of Russel ‘with only one l’ Norman.


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