Fence jumpers boost flower business

Illicit encounters aren’t the sort of topic normally raised on Phil Clarke’s Business blog, but a recent post  reveals that people who have extra-marital affairs in the UK spend about 60 million pounds on cut flowers.

Apparently that amounts to over 2.5% of the £2.2bn fresh cut flower market, with men who take mistresses spending an average £120 a year on flowers. That compares with just £41 for those who are not having affairs.

He doesn’t say whether the flowers are for the wives or the mistresses, or both.

But he reckons the fact that the flower buying fence jumpers are typically “high-powered businessmen with a great deal of expendable income” rules out most farmers.

2 Responses to Fence jumpers boost flower business

  1. JC says:

    Flowers from a farmer?

    Wouldn’t you rather get a good sheath knife?



  2. homepaddock says:

    JC – no, I have a perfectly good Swiss Army knife which a friend gave me before I went overseas many years ago.

    But on the subject of farmers and flwoers: a friend gave my farmer a huge bunch of red roses from her garden to give me after one of our babies was born. He left them in a bucket on the porch overnight and got up next morning to find the lambs had broken out of the paddock next to the house, eaten every bloom and left him with a bucket of stalks.


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