From Time to Mine

The publishers of Time are offering subscribers a customised magazine catering for their personal interests.

Time Inc. is experimenting with a customized magazine that combines reader-selected sections from eight publications as it tries to mimic in printed form the personalized news feeds that have become popular on the Internet.

Called mine the five-issue, 10-week experiment also aligns readers with the branding message that its sole advertising partner, Toyota Motor Corp., has for its new Lexus 2010 RX sport utility vehicle: It’s as customizable as the magazine carrying its ads.

Most newspapers and magazines are losing subscribers who are turning to the internet rather than the printed page for information and entertainment. This innovative approach which targets readers’ particular interests might win some back.

It’s free and you can sign up here – but only if you live in the USA.

2 Responses to From Time to Mine

  1. Neil says:

    Interesting comment about Time magazine.
    I read Time assiduously for 35 years but became increasingly disappointed with its qualities as a news magazine. It became increasingly a general magazine with its own agenda. I cancelled it and took a sub to The Economist.
    People might say The Economist is very conservative but it still gives a worldwide perspective. I follow US politics and to be honest find The Economist more up with the play than Time.
    It has some very worthwhile finance news, Time is very light weight in that area.


  2. When I attended a Folio magazine publishing conference in New York in the late 80s someone from Time talked about exactly this concept. Took them long enough to get around to it.

    I’m not sure it will work, though – with a magazine or newspaper you read things that you wouldn’t have said in advance would interest you. That element of surprise is an advantage for print, not a handicap.


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