S92a in terminal decline

Telstra Clear has pulled out of the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum and its attempts to make secion 92A of the Copyright (New Technologies) Ammendment Act workable.

Section 92A, which requires ISPs to have a policy of disconnection in place for repeat infringers of copyright online, has been the focus of protests over the last few months.

The code will not solve copyright issues, says Mirams.

“It is not our role to make bad legislation work,” he says. “The industry had no input into section 92A. [The draft code] is bad for our customers. Customers and businesses have spoken via blogs and petitions and also directly to us. We have listened and we have agreed.”

That may not have killed the controversial clause which prompted the internet blackout  but it will almost certainly lead to a terminal diagnosis because John Key said if ISPs couldn’t reach agreement the section would be suspended.

Hat Tip: goNZoFreakpower and geekzone.

One Response to S92a in terminal decline

  1. Agreed! Judith Tizard and Chris Finlayson had no business putting that clause back in the law after it had been removed by the Select Committee. It’s one of things they thought they would give away in order to win an FTA with the USA. Just as Lockwood Smith imagined converting the Dairy Board into Fonterra would do the same. Thankfully, it has not come to pass, though it was very close. Full marks to National WHEN they finally kill it……and not before.


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