Fonterra’s challenges

The NBR is doing a series on Fonterra’s five big challenges.

The first is by Hugh Stringleman on collective capital.

His second is on balance sheet blues.

Today we have part III with Allan Swann’s thoughts on Queen Street farming.

2 Responses to Fonterra’s challenges

  1. bustedblonde says:

    excellent series – I’m gonna link later.

    man there is a chill in the air today and its not from the cold breath of Labour – just autumn breathing out.


  2. I used to work for the Dairy Board. I was staringly obvious that the single-desk seller was the reason for the success of the whole industry. At the same time, the fragmented meat industry was bidding its product into the floor boards, one against the other – never mind overseas competition.

    Any privatisation of Fonterra and breaking up of the co-op will see dairy incomes inevitably crash….and stay there unless and until the world is starving. Oh happy days then, I suppose.


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