Political disappointments

Rob Hosking writes that the government seems oddly vague  over the sacking of Ross Wilson as chair of ACC.

They might seem vague but the reason is obvious: if you’re politically appointed you can be politically disappointed.

Either the horrific financial position ACC is in or Wilson’s political views, if not his allegiance, would be grounds for a job loss under a new administration and the combination makes the decision compelling.

It is also another argument for following the USA’s example where political appointees offer their resignations when the government changes.

Incoming ministers could choose to accept the offers or not. That would enable them to keep those who are performing well and let those who aren’t, or whose services are no longer wanted for whatever reason, to leave with their dignity intact rather than facing the indignity of being sacked.

One Response to Political disappointments

  1. XChequer says:

    What I can’t work out, and I’m not trying to threadjack here, but why do the fact that , like Colin Feslier from DIA and Ross Wilson, what has been their qualification that given that they were high level managers in various unions, someone thought that one of them would be good to run a multi-billion dollar organisation and the other that official spokesman for DIA?

    In both cases it seems that there was cronyism in installing them in the first place Then the likes of Goff and co. cry “the Govt is removing competent people on the basis on political persuasion” when the evidence suggest that they are not competent at all.

    Ahh well, that’s my three cents worth (inflation adjusted comment).



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