Will they, won’t they join the Dames & Sirs?

The ODT asked some of the Otago recipients of honours who could now become Dames and Knights if they’ll accept the title and found that for some it’s not an easy decision.

These include people who Emeritus Professor Lloyd Geering who already has an honorific and Sukhi Turner and Penny Jamieson who would have been addressed as Your Worship and Bishop respectively when in the jobs which earned them their honours.

Other Otago people who could accept a title are Lois Muir, Russell Coutts, Eion Edgar, Prof Alan Mark, Nigel (Sam) Neill, Prof David Skegg, Pat Harrison and Prof Linda Holloway.

Among those from the rest of the country is Jenny Shipley and I hope she does. She was our first female Prime Minister (and didn’t the second one resent that?); she has gone on from politics to success in business and true to her Presbyterian upbringing she also works for and supports a variety of voluntary and charitable projects. Among the latter is, I think,  an international organisation which encourages women’s participation in politics.

3 Responses to Will they, won’t they join the Dames & Sirs?

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Sir Robert Mulddon?
    Sir Bob Jones?

    With a history like that, “no thanks” to Sirs and Dames.

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    Truth Seeker is entitled to say no thanks, but Alf Grumble is chuffed about the restoration of proper titles and looks forward to the day when he becomes Sir Alfred.

  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    It is interesting to note that in the US, people who have been Senators, Judges, Congressional Representatives, Ambassadors and even Presidents tend to be referred to as such as an honorific even when no longer in such positions – as do former holders of Cabinet Rank, and military personnel. The State of Kentucky I believe has the practice of creating ‘Colonels’ as an honorific also I believe.

    Professor Peter Gluckman makes the point that the honorific assists when working in fields such as his outside of NZ. For example Robert, Lord Winston.

    Further, correct me if I am wrong, but Key has not restored the practice of appointing senior politicians and judges to the Privy Council, thus he will not be entitled to the honorific Rt Hon for the rest of his days, unless the Queen appoints him to the Privy Council.

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