I’ll show you mine . . .

Rob Hosking started it at his Blockhead blog – showing us his ACC claims so I thought I’d follow suit and show you mine.

1. A visit to the dentist after an argument between a tooth and the lawnmower – I bent down to go under a branch and the mower stopped but I didn’t.  When the dentist offered an ACC form, I said it wasn’t worth it for a single visit but he said I should fill it in because then I’d be in the system if there was a problem with the tooth in the future.

2. I tripped while climbing a fence and did something painful to my calf muscle which resulted in a trip to the doctor and several to a physio.

3. Something went ping in my calf while walking up Mount Iron – more physio.

4. Something happened to my back when I bent to pick up something while being domestic – more physio.

5. Injured wrist after tripping over – went to hopsital ED on Saturday when they don’t do non-urgent x-rays, was told to come back on Monday, decided it was improving so didn’t. Three months later it’s still not 100% better but I’m giving it more time.

There have been a few other minor incidents which resulted in a trip to my GP, including something lodged in my eye while I was cooking, which I think might have qualified for ACC but he didn’t suggest I claim and I didn’t want to.

So I think my conscience is clear – only legitimate claims and some not made which might have been but it was an interesting exercise because as Kerre Woodham says:

But just as the department’s culture has to change, so too does ours. The concept that it’s OK to rip off the “system” is prevalent – among all socio-economic groups. The poor and the disenfranchised see it as their God-given right to receive ACC payments because the world owes them a living; the upwardly mobile professionals are just as sweet about having ACC pay for their physiotherapy sessions and their taxi rides to six-figure paying jobs because they never get anything for free so why not make the most of it?

 But of course it’s not free and because it has been more generous than budgeted for it’s too expensive to maintain without some serious changes.

In related posts Keeping Stock bemoans Labour’s legacy of dependency and Inquiring Mind wonders if opening ACC to competition or turning it into an SOE with a minority shareholding by the public might help.

One Response to I’ll show you mine . . .

  1. alex Masterley says:

    Only legit claims here too.
    Mainly sporting stuff ankles rolled (before acc paid physio), knees aspirated, sprained wrists (with physio)from soccer and one broken arm from soccer.
    Things like dislocated fingers I just put back myself and get on with whatever i am doing.
    I see my doctor about once a decade.


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