Does daylight saving make driving more dangerous?

Six cows were killed when a car towing a trailer hit them while they were being herded across a country road yesterday morning.

The report doesn’t mention the speed the driver was travelling . It does say the first cow to be hit was thrown several metres into the air which suggests he was going quickly but that will be up to the police to decide.

We’re supposed to drive at a speed which enables us to stop in half the visible distance ahead but it is very difficult to see in the half light before dawn and even if you’re driving carefully you don’t know what you’re not seeing until you see it.

There is no mention of the weather in the report but the sun isn’t rising until after 7am  because of daylight saving so even if the sky was clear visibility wouldn’t have been good when the accident happened and it will get worse.

The week before clocks go back to NZ standard time on April 5, the sun won’t be rising until 7.34 in Auckland, a few minutes later than in the middle of winter. It will be nearly 8am when the sun rises in Dunedin before we return to NZST.

That makes early morning work more difficult for farmers and this incident suggests it might also make driving more dangerous.

One Response to Does daylight saving make driving more dangerous?

  1. Lucyna Maria says:

    I think the Government made a mistake with daylight savings on this end of winter. Last year I remember being relieved when it ended, as opposed to being disappointed (as I normally have been). It’s probably 3 weeks too late, in my opinion. I’d be quite happy for it to change over this weekend.


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