Happy birthday sauvingnon blanc

Don’t break out the bubbles – best toast this one in still wine because it’s 30 years since Montana  first launched sauvingnon blanc.

Just think what’s happened since – arid, stoney farmland which wasn’t much use for growing grass has been transformed into vinyards. In the wake of the vinyards have come cafes, art galleries and other businesses providing more jobs and bringing new life to communities in places like Central Otago, North Canterbury, Malborough, Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay.

That’s had a huge impact on the domestic economy and  has earned significant export income:

. . . wine exports earned the country $1.25 billion last year.

Most of the Sav Blanc is grown in Marlborough and one of my favourites is that produced by Charles Wiffen.

One Response to Happy birthday sauvingnon blanc

  1. I’m a Wither Hills boy.
    But I think I will buy a bottle of Monatana in New World today.
    It’s one special for $10.
    And yes, I have some Lindauer in thre fridge too.


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