It’s not what they say

Does the Ministry of Health read George Orwell or was the  memo of words and phrases to be used with the new government their own idea?

Some of the words and phrases the Ministry of Health sees as complicated jargon more suited to the previous government include: ‘social marketing’, ‘organised efforts of society’, ‘public health’, ‘strengthening community action’ and ‘social and economic determinants’.

A memo has been sent around banning the words and phrases and asking staff to replace them with new words and phrases described as the “in” words which include: ‘prevention’, ‘personal choices/decision’, ‘socio-cultural aspects of human behaviour’, ‘productivity’ and ‘value for money’.

The Minister wasn’t impressed:

Health Minister Tony Ryall says he didn’t order the list and doesn’t support it: “It’s just been dreamt up by some people in the Ministry of Health and I’d actually rather they spent a lot more time putting some focus on health service than writing up a list like this.”

If they’ve spent too much of the last nine years wasting time on things like this they may not know how to focus on what really matters.

One Response to It’s not what they say

  1. stef says:

    Apparently there is another one doing the rounds at the TEC


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