2000 posts

This is my 2000th post.

I started blogging on April 22nd and wrote 10 posts that month, building up to a ridiculous 390 in October when I was suffering from pre-election fever.

I calmed down a bit after November 8th and 2 1/2 weeks in Argentina in December helped me get things back in perspective again – 92 posts in January & 124 last month.

The two most popular posts are innocuous but I suspect the headlines  Public porn makes boobs of all  and  Peta boobs with breast milk camapign turn up in searches by sad individuals expecting something nasty who are no doubt disappointed all they get is my thoughts on topless women on motorbikes and breast milk ice cream.

After that, most people have looked at About Homepaddock, Photo finish for Melbourne Cup , double decker bus for sale,  then a post on Pregorexia   and various posts on melamine in milk.

Quite a few posts don’t attract comments but there have been more comments  – 2937 – than posts  and more spam – 3474 – than posts and comments combined.

I suppose I could be upset that the most popular posts are that way because of people looking for porn and spammers outweigh commenters. But I’m taking the glass more than half-full view that a few people who want to read my blue tinted rural view and leave comments worth reading – in agreement with mine or not – more than compensate for the rest.

So to those of you who do that – thanks for your contributions.

11 Responses to 2000 posts

  1. Otepoti says:

    Congratulations, Ele. This is an interesting and useful blog.

    I wish I could remember how I found Homepaddock – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t via a search for boobs, breasts or porn…




  2. Pique Oil says:

    Congratulations Ele.
    The only thing that matters is whether you enjoy blogging, all the rest is a bonus.
    I am always interested in the rural viewpoint that hasn’t been filtered through the political and corporate spin covens. That is why your blog is a must read.


  3. bobux says:

    Congratualtions. You keep up the posts, and I’ll do my best to keep up with the comments!


  4. Donald says:

    Congrats Ele. I enjoy your balanced writing thanks. Your professional back ground shows!

    Web stats can be fascinating, but sometimes they reveal more questions than answers.



  5. Congratulations. I too enjoy your blog very much and read every word. I’m fairly new to the rural life so find your posts educational and enlightening.


  6. Bruno says:

    Another congrats from here. Your posts are well discussed in our house – eg this morning when hearing the news re the Fonterra effluent scheme, the spouse said “I’m sure Homepaddock will have something to say about this. I’ll wait and see what she posts [before forming an opinion].”


  7. Matt Nolan says:

    Congrats – that is a lot of posts!


  8. adamsmith1922 says:

    Well done HP

    Keep’em coming

    On unfortunate people looking for porn, I wrote a post with Kim Hill in the title once and apparently there is a some porn actress called Kim, so from time to time I get visitors from her site – due I suspect to WordPress generating possibly related posts.

    Anyway that’s my story, else I would have to think the link is to afantsay site about Kim Hill. Nah!


  9. Inventory2 says:

    Well done Ele – that’s a terrific output, but more importantly, they have been of excellent quality as well. Keep up the work avoidance!!


  10. Julie Fairey says:

    Great work Ele, we often disagree on substance but I’m very glad you are in blogland 🙂


  11. J.R.M. says:

    Well done-A good site with agood range of topics,many putting the rural perspective which is often sadly lacking ,or ignored.


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