Political relationships

Funny how the story of Swazi losing a Defence Department contract broke on the eve of the Jobs Summit, or was it?

Roarprawn drew the dots between Sawzi’s owner Davey Hughes and Labour MP Darren Hughes and this week’s Trans Tasman confirms that Davey is Darren’s uncle.

Of course this could be a coincidence.

3 Responses to Political relationships

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    Of course this could be a coincidence.

    Oh look!

    A flying pig!

    And its towing a Tui bilboard!!


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    Looking at the old one gives you an idea of what the young one will end up looking like!


  3. LaFemme says:

    I told my husband this was a jackup the moment I heard it, and then I let him convince me I was wrong. He was convinced that a good ole kiwi bloke like the Swazi guy would never do such a thing as I was suggesting.
    Tonight, himself said to me, “You know that situation with Swazi you called a jackup? Well…”
    Sometimes I really hate being right.


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