Everything you’ve always wanted to know about ACC . . .

Rob Hosking gives the answers  to the questions we might be asking, including:

So isn’t there a wider political agenda behind this?

Look at the wider political strategy being run by both the main parties. The “narrative” Labour has been running since the mid-1990s is National is the party that takes things away from you, Labour is the party that gives you things. A cornerstone of the current government’s political strategy is to eradicate the idea that National governments take things away from people. The $2.6 billion hole in ACC forces National back into the role of being nasties.

So was National set up?

Unclear. But this is either culpable negligence or sabotage. Take your pick.

I pick both.

4 Responses to Everything you’ve always wanted to know about ACC . . .

  1. ZenTiger says:

    And Labour should be held to account for this 2.6 billion dollar hole.

    It should be held to account for the reasons why these figures did not make the PREFU, even though they were known long before the election.

    Any commentary they make about ACC in opposition should have an explanatory note on why any comment they offer should be taken with a grain of salt. Which they continue to rub into the wound every time they open their mouths.

    Labour’s ACC spokesman, David Parker, said the changes would force New Zealanders to take out private accident insurance or pay from their own pockets for entitlements the Government cut.

    ACC is a milking machine, and Labour bypassed the udders and plug directly into the tax payers wallet. His criticism here is ludicrous, because the alternative is substantial raises in ACC tax rates to fund the shortfall.

    And without any sensible action, the shortfall is forecast to rise by ever increasing amounts.

    My initial comment here: Milk Run


  2. ZenTiger says:

    Oops, wrong link. Try here: Milk Run”


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Negligence, sabotage, and complete and utter contempt for New Zealanders. Labour is guilty of all three.

    I’m flippin’ angry about this, and I want other bloggers to join me in getting the message out there that Labour cannot be trusted until the likes of Clark, Cullen, Goff, King and Mallard are turfed out. We can’t trust the MSM to deliver the message, so we have to take matters into our own hands.



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