Disunited & futureless

Kiwiblog’s spies report that United Future president Denise Krum has resigned from the party  and joined National.

The vanity vehicle for Peter Dunne has had many manifestations with different parties and names but like a spider it swallowed those who mated with it.

And what has it achieved? That waste of taxpayers money the Families Commission and an extension to daylight saving so the clocks change too early and go back too late (noticed that it’s still dark at 6am?).

I have no grounds to criticise Dunne as Revenue Minister but nor have I anything to praise him for or to make me think that an MP from National or one of the other government coalition partners’ parties couldn’t be at least as effective if not more in that role.

His majority in the last election was far less than the combined Labour and Green candidate vote so had half those who voted for the Greens in the electorate held their noses and given their electorate vote to Labour, he’d have lost his seat.

The sensible thing to do would be to retire at the next election or face the very real possibility of being retired by the voters.

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