South starts to get a share

The ODT was underwhelmed  by the government’s stimulus package because it didn’t give much to the south.

Today there’s happier news with the announcement that the government will underwrite the $15 million shortfall  in funding for a new stadium in Dunedin and Hillside Engineering has won a $39.9 million contract to build passenger carriages for the TranScenic rail routes. 

This is a welcome boost for the city although whether taxpayers should be subsidising the stadium and building railway carriages is open to debate.

2 Responses to South starts to get a share

  1. Paul Walker says:

    I have to disagree on the sports stadium, and do, here.

  2. significanthazard says:

    The government should not be underwriting the stadium with our taxpayer money.

    Strange decision, when so many people are not in favour of their ratepayer money, forcibly taken by the ORC and the DCC, being used for what is an extravagance, that future generations will pay dearly for.

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