Aussies like Australia

The critics didn’t like it but the Aussies aren’t taking any notice of them and have made the film  Australia the country’s second highest grossing film behind Crocodile Dundee.

We went to the film on Friday and can see why the critics didn’t like it and the Aussies do.

The plot is not just thin, it has so many holes it might have been attacked by a crocodile and the characters are stereotypes – the pretty widow, the rough, tough drover with a heart, the Aborigine elder with super-natural powers,  the half-caste child, the rich rake and the bully.  But there are also pretty faces, spectacular scenery, horses,  and a history lesson which probably appeals to nationalism.

I wouldn’t want to see the film twice but am pleased I saw it once – and that I saw it at Wanaka’s Cinema Paradiso   which is not only a gem with its cast-off furniture,  it also has a half time when you can have a meal pre-ordered from the cafe you walk through to enter the theatre, a glass of wine, delicious home-made ice creams or just sit on one of the outside chairs for a breath of fresh air.

Without that break I might have found sitting still through the three-hour film a bit difficult.

3 Responses to Aussies like Australia

  1. Neil says:

    I thought” Australia” was one of the worst movies I have ever watched, simp-ly because it was unreal.
    It was so politically correct with every whiteman being a crook and the lovely indigenous people living saints. History was also rewritten in the attack on Darwin.
    Buz Luhrman, the producer, produced a biased left wing movie which bears little resemblance to reality.
    I suppose we’ll have Jane Campion producing a movie about early New Zealand showing us all our faults


  2. macdoctor01 says:

    I found Australia all eye candy and no meat. No plot, no real characters and a politically correct feel that would have been thoroughly alien to the actual people involved. Lord of the Rings was more realistic.


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