Superlamb to the rescue


Just one day after Federated Farmers’ Farm Day which aimed to reconnect city people with the country and help them understand the importance of agriculture, and the NZ Herald  shows it worked:



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Veni vidi velcro



“Veni, vidi velcro,”  Ginette McDonald proclaimed at the Last Night of the Proms in the Oamaru Opera Hosue On Saturday night.

She then translated it, somewhat loosely, as: “I came, I saw, I stuck around.”

A quick Google search showed it’s not original and uncovered several more adaptations of  Ceasar’s veni, vidi, vici including:

Veni, vidi, vino – I came, I saw, I drank; veni, vidi, Visa – I came, I saw, I shopped; and veni, vidi, Verdi – I came, I saw, I composed an Opera.

Go dairy


DairyNZ has launched a website to provide a public face for the dairy industry.

Go Dairy provides information on the industry, including science and history as well as giving people an idea of life on a farm.

The website is part of the 2009 Go Dairy campaign to win the hearts and minds of New Zealanders and aims not just to recruit people to the industry but to educate people aobut the economic importance of dairying, our place as the most efficient dairy farmers in the world and also show that dairy farmers do look after the environment.

One thing which struck me about the website is the number of women in the photos. Women have always played an important role in dairying, most dairy farms are still family businesses and the majority of corporate ones have couples running them so it’s good to have that recognised in this campaign.

Aussies like Australia


The critics didn’t like it but the Aussies aren’t taking any notice of them and have made the film  Australia the country’s second highest grossing film behind Crocodile Dundee.

We went to the film on Friday and can see why the critics didn’t like it and the Aussies do.

The plot is not just thin, it has so many holes it might have been attacked by a crocodile and the characters are stereotypes – the pretty widow, the rough, tough drover with a heart, the Aborigine elder with super-natural powers,  the half-caste child, the rich rake and the bully.  But there are also pretty faces, spectacular scenery, horses,  and a history lesson which probably appeals to nationalism.

I wouldn’t want to see the film twice but am pleased I saw it once – and that I saw it at Wanaka’s Cinema Paradiso   which is not only a gem with its cast-off furniture,  it also has a half time when you can have a meal pre-ordered from the cafe you walk through to enter the theatre, a glass of wine, delicious home-made ice creams or just sit on one of the outside chairs for a breath of fresh air.

Without that break I might have found sitting still through the three-hour film a bit difficult.

Rail trail


Lou Taylor at No Minister said, If only Mickey had thought of a cycleway.

News that KiwiRail could cost taxpayers $1.5 billion over five years could mean that isn’t a joke.

If we can’t afford the trains why not turn the rail corridor into a cycleway?

What’s in a number?


Monkey with Typewriter is discouraged by a lack of feedback so has written his last post.

I’m sorry because I enjoy his satirical view.

Some of the fun in blogging is the feedback and it’s easy enough to count comments but it’s harder to gauge readership because some people check blogs through RSS readings rather than visits. And while I won’t pretend to understand how Alexa gets its numbers I’ve noticed they don’t seem to have any correlation with the Sitemeter stats.

In spite of a ranking of 12 in Half Done’s February blog ranking,  and a rise of three to 12th in Tumeke’s January ranking ,  Homepaddock is at 23 in Open Parachute’s rating   and I could be upset by the apparent fall or happy to be so high when there’s hundreds of NZ blogs around.

But what stands out for me is not the places but the difference between them. If you look at the gulf between Kiwiblog’s well-deserved grasp on the top spot and compare the numbers of visitors, posts and comments that keep him there with mine I’m just paddling in the shallows.

That doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the feedback and appreciate comments, I also check visitor stats now and then and like it when they increase but if my blogging depended on numbers of either or both I’d have given up months ago.

UPDATE: MWT fans can relax, the monkey has had second thoughts.

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