Is it really greener and does anyone want to find out?

Dark greens  have long been campaigning on the environmental evils of disposable napkins but now they’ve gone a step further – reusable cloths instead of loo paper.

Should you have the stomach for it you could follow the link above for instructions on how to store clean and used cloths and then comes this advice on laundering:

Wash in hot, dry in the dryer. You may add whatever laundry additives you desire – chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, tea tree oil, lavender oil, stain remover, whatever.

And that’s raises the question – would all the energy, water and the production and disposal of additives requried for the washing and drying be any better for the environment than loo paper?

I don’t care what the answer is because resuable bum wiping cloths are several green steps too far for me.

Hat Tip: Micky’s Muses

4 Responses to Is it really greener and does anyone want to find out?

  1. JC says:

    It’s a logical development since UK research showed that more energy was used in washing nappies than using the disposables. From memory this was in the urban environment.

    The next fad on from here will be to imitate the “natural” instincts of dogs.. and we’ll see Greens scooting around their lawns using the grass to wipe their bums.


  2. Pique Oil says:

    JC, dogs are actually scratching their bums from worm infestations when they scrape them on the grass. Dark Greens would no doubt advocate using rose cuttings as being more enviro friendly.
    These creatures that want to go back to nature so badly should be given the chance. Just like predator free islands, we could establish natural paradise islands. Shall we start with Raoul Island. Tropical climate, isolated, natural underfloor heating. Perfect.

  3. pdm says:

    Pique Oil – they can be further at one with nature on Raoul – the earthquakes will shake the shite out of them if the occasional hurricane/cyclone doesn’t.

  4. Madeleine says:

    This reminds me of ads on the wall of the Waikato University Womens Room for re-usable tampons and pads for menstruation.

    I am all for saving the planet and being environmentally conscious but surely some of the perks of no longer living in the 14th century still apply?

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