Section 92a delayed

The NBR reports that the government will delay the implementation of section 92  of the Copyright ammendment Act for a month.

Prime Minister John Key announced at a post-cabinet press conference this afternoon that implementation of the controversial clause of the copyright legislation to be delayed until March 27.

“We are hoping that by that time we will have come up with a voluntary code of practice,” Mr Key said.

If no agreement is reached, Section 92A will be suspended.

Thank goodness we’ve got a government with the good sense to do the right thing.

Yahoo & thank you. 🙂

UPDATE: No Minister  and Kiwiblog  have related posts.

UPDAYE 2: Inquiring Mind cautions that while a skirmish has been won the war is not over.

4 Responses to Section 92a delayed

  1. Mr Gronk says:

    Good on you for being among those to quickly spread the word (I found out about the postponement by your RSS), and for your efforts to draw attention to this law.

    Now, I suppose the ball’s back in the court of Internet users to an extent. I’m hopeful that this is a recognition that the law is flawed (as I believe it to be), and not just a concession wrung from the government to avoid harming its popularity too much. But if copyright violations become (or remain) a big problem, I wonder how much sleep the government will lose over telling the Internet community to go jump next time…


  2. Quite a novelty, having a government that listens!


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  4. Colin Lucas says:

    Remember that this was one battle. The war is not over yet!


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